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To search the Guide, enter any information you wish to find about the waterfalls you are looking for. For instance, if you wish to find waterfalls in a particular state or a particular park, enter that name into the form.

The search engine will treat anything you enter into the form as a complete phrase and find entries with only that exact wording in it. However, you can change that by using the boolean expressions "and" and "or". For instance, to find waterfalls in that are both in Virginia and on the Rose River, you enter "Virginia and Rose River". Without the "and", your search would only find waterfalls that have the phrase "Virginia Rose River" in their descriptions. "Or" is used similarily. It is especially useful when trying to find waterfalls in two or more states. For instance, to find falls that are either in Maryland or Virginia, enter "Maryland or Virginia". Do not use "or" and "and" in the same field or you will receive incorrect results!

The advanced search form can allow you to get very exact answers more easily than the simpler form can. However, it is a little more confusing to use. In this form, each item of information can be searched separately. You may still use "or" and "and" in your searches. If you don't put anything in a search box, that search box will not be included in your search.

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