Eastern Waterfall Guide

Southford Falls Waterfall Classification

Although waterfalls come in all shapes and sizes, there are few standardized descriptions that are used to describe waterfalls. In fact, there are only six fairly vague words regularly used to describe a waterfall and its parts, two of them borrowed from hiker's vocabulary :

However, after you visit twenty waterfalls or so, it is clear that there are definite types of waterfalls which have similar characteristics. To that end, I have devised a list of the different types of waterfalls and their characteristics as I see them. Although not scientific, they are interesting to note and useful for describing a waterfall.

Almost every waterfall will fall into one of two categories.

Blackwater Falls from the front
Blackwater Falls
Occasionally, waterfalls will be about as high as they are tall. Often these are some of the most interesting and photogenic waterfalls. An example of this type of waterfall is Blackwater Falls in West Virginia.

Another way to describe a waterfall is by its features. Several types of waterfalls which show up often :

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