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Composer: Amilcare Ponchielli
Description: a Genoese nobleman
Voice Part: tenor
Vocal Fach: spinto tenor
Cielo e mar! - from Act II. Range: 3D - 4A#/Bb    Extras: Translation into English by The Ultimate Tenor Aria Album (Version 2.0) by   - Celebri Arie di Opere - Volume 4 by   - Operatic Anthology, Volume 3 - Tenor by Kurt Adler - Kurt Enrico Caruso - Voices of the Opera Series by   - Italian Tenor Arias with Orchestra, vol. II by   -
Cielo e mar, Enzo Grimaldo's aria from La Gioconda

Cielo e mar! l'etereo velo     	Sky and sea! the airy curtain
  splende come un santo altar. 	   sparkles like a holy altar.
L'angiol mio verrà dal cielo?  	Will my angel come from the sky?
  l'angiol mio verrà dal mare?	   will my angel come from the sea?
Qui l'attendo; ardente spira   	Here I wait for her; the wind
  oggi il vento dell'amor.   	   now blows hot with love
Ah! quell'uom che vi sospira  	Ah, that man who sighs for you,
  vi conquide, o sogni d'ôr! 	   he overcomes you, o golden dreams!

Per l'aura fonda             	Through the thick air
  non appar né suol né monte. 	   neither shore nor mountains appear
L'orizzonte bacia l'onda!     	The horizon kisses the waves;
  l'onda bacia l'orizzonte!  	   the waves kiss the horizon.
Qui nell'ombra, ov'io mi giacio	Here in the darkness, where I lie
  coll'anelito del cor,      	   waiting with racing heart
Vieni, o donna, vieni al bacio	Come, o woman, come to my kiss
  della vita e dell'amor...    	   of life and of love.

Translation copyright ©1999 by Mark D. Lew ( 
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