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Southford Falls Help for the Guide

No web page is perfect so if you are having troubles, this help page may be of some use. Look through the questions and answers below and see if any help you. If your problem is not mentioned, please contact me and I will try to help you.

Q. I am getting a JavaScript error on one of your web pages.
A. Try clicking "ok" to get rid of the error and then reloading the page. If you still get the error, then let me know about it.

Q. I am getting an error message while using one of your forms.
A. Something is probably amiss in the program that uses the information that works one of the scripts. Please let me know immediately about this.

Q. I cannot find a waterfall that I know is on the Guide.
A. Check your spelling of the waterfall and also check the entire list of waterfalls to see if the waterfall is included there.

Q. The waterfall entries that I find only have a couple bits of information on them. Is this the entire record?
A. It is NOT the entire record, in fact. If you receive short entries, you have the "Short Version" selected. To toggle to the "Long Version" of each entry, click on "Long Version" next to the Submit button.

Q. The pictures you supply don't really look all that great. What's wrong?
A. You probably have your display set on 256 colors. This makes most photographic images look bad. Unfortunately, the only way you can relieve this problem is to set the color on your display higher than 256 colors. On Windows 95, this is done through the Control Panel under Display. Click on Settings and move the "Colors" box to "High Color (16 bit)".

Q. I am receiving some weird code-like stuff when I search the database. What's with that?
A. You probably found a bug! Congratulations! Please let me know about it right away.

Q. When I submit the form, it takes a long time to return all the information. What's the matter?
A. If you have "Long Version" selected and you have a fairly general search, your search may be returning a large number of falls, each with a long record. Switch to "Short Version" or narrow down your search in the Advanced Search form.

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