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Southford Falls Falls of the Month, February 2000

Staton's Falls

Largest Cascade in Staton's Falls Ratings : Power - StarStarHalf-star Beauty - StarStarStarStarHalf-star Ease of Access - StarStarStarStar

Also known as Lace Falls and Deadman's Falls, Staton's Falls doesn't look like anything impressive at first glance. Next to the parking lot is a small ten-foot cascade and below that is a fifty-foot cascade that a visitor can really see only through the trees from the roadway. However, once that visitor discovers the small trail that leads to the bottom of the cascade, the beauty and sheer fun of Staton's Falls becomes apparent. This is not a waterfall to view from behind a fence! Instead, you have to experience it.

In my opinion, the best way to experience this waterfall is to take your shoes and socks off and go barefoot. The unusual rock slope that Staton's Creek tumbles over at this point sticks much more easily to feet than it does to a sneaker or a boot. Plus, its smooth texture makes it more like walking on tile floor than a slab of rock. Finally, to fully appreciate this waterfall, a visitor must get their feet wet. This soon becomes apparent when you see the form of the waterfall.

The falls are composed of several large cascades with corresponding pools. The pool underneath the top cascade is often used for swimming, although swimmers should be carefully observed since there are steep rock slopes nearby. The second cascade falls in a concave semi-circle into a deep pothole which is about the size of a large hot tub. However, this hot tub is filled with cold creek water that you probably don't want to swim in except in the hottest part of summer. The pool underneath the beautiful 50-foot cascade is the largest of the three but also the shallowest. The main attraction here is finding crayfish and other creek life. Below this cascade are several more cascades, one with a wide pool with a mud bottom.

The cascades of this waterfall go on and on and one could spend a few hours exploring everything here. However, the trail really doesn't continue past the pool below the 50-foot cascade so be careful when you hike. Likewise, if you do choose to swim or wade in any of the pools, be aware that high waters can cause strong currents that can pull you over the edge of the pool and down the next cascade. In other words, have fun but be smart and don't take chances. There's a reason why it is also called Deadman's Falls.

Total distances : No hiking is really necessary although you may have to negotiate a somewhat steep path to get to the bottom of the largest cascade. However, the distance is only a hundred feet or so.

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Other Photos of Staton's Falls :

Cascade into a Pothole
Cascade into a Pothole
The 50-foot cascade and its pool
The 50-foot cascade and its pool

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