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Southford Falls Falls of the Month, November 1999

Raymondskill Falls

Bottom Section of Raymondskill Falls Ratings : Power - StarStarStar Beauty - StarStarStarStarHalf-star Ease of Access - StarStarStarStarStar

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area is a haven for waterfall buffs. Within its confines are three superb waterfalls and just outside its borders lies the seven waterfalls at Bushkill Falls. A few other minor falls on private land are scattered around the area and more waterfalls lie across the Delaware River in New Jersey. All in all, it's a great place to visit! The two major waterfall attractions of the area are Dingmans Falls, located in the park, and the main falls at Bushkill Falls, advertised as the "Niagara of Pennsylvania".

However, the real gem of the area is Raymondskill Falls, which is about five miles north of Dingmans Falls. This falls is the highest in the area and falls in three beautiful sections, giving visitors more of an opportunity to explore the falls. Because it isn't as popular as the other falls, it is likely to be not as heavily visited as well. Combined with the easy access to the top of the falls, it is a wonderful waterfall to visit.

The top section of the falls is handicapped-accessible via a paved trail that leads from the parking lot. The five-foot cascade isn't particularly impressive but it is beautiful as it falls into a large pool of dark water. The area is a nice calm place to eat lunch or relax and admire the grandeur of the area.

To the left of the top overlook, the pool drains into the next set of cascades. This second section of the falls is the tallest of the three, falling around 60 or 70 feet down a steep rock wall in several cascades that change direction. The trail follows the falls down, becoming steeper and more difficult. However, it shouldn't give most people any trouble. As the trail goes down, it offers views of the cascades. At the bottom of the section, there is another overlook next a large round pool of water that the cascades fall into. Like the upper pool, this pool is fenced in so that no one falls into the cold and sometimes rough waters. The cascades are spectacular, especially in higher water when more of the rock face is covered. The only thing that mars them are several fallen tree trunks that obscure the view of the top of the cascades.

Below this pool is the third section of falls which is by far the most beautiful of the three. Adding to the beauty of its steep staircase-like cascades and its 180-degree curved rock cliff is a cascade from a smaller seasonal stream that appears more in wetter months. Reaching this section of the falls is more difficult, since the path isn't really well defined. However, there is a faint outline of a path that continues away from the overlook to the second section. Following this path will take a visitor down to the bottom section of the falls, although it may be obscured or ill-defined at points. The final section of the path is a slanted rock face that leads down to the bottom of the third set of cascades. Because it is very close to the falls, the rock path may be very slippery because of spray and mist coming off the falls, so be careful!

One of the most special things about this waterfall are the water levels of Raymondskill Run. In general, when Dingmans Falls and Bushkill falls are an unimpressive trickle, this waterfall usually still looks good. In fact, the bottom section of the falls is best in lower water because its cascades are better defined. Visit this waterfall!

Total distances : From the parking lot, .2 miles round trip over paved trail to the top falls, .4 miles round trip over steeper and unpaved terrain to the second overlook, and .5 miles round trip over steep and sometimes ill-defined trails to the bottom of the third set of cascades.

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