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from Act I, Scene 1 of the Italian opera Giulio Cesare by George Frideric Handel
Libretto: Nicola Haym

Role: Cornelia, widow of Pompey, mother of Sesto
Voice Part: contralto|mezzo-soprano       Fach: contralto
Setting: the bridge over the Nile entering Alexandria, Egypt, 48 B.C.
Synopsis: Cornelia's husband, Pompey, has been killed by the Egyptians to show their loyalty to Caesar. After unsuccessfully attempting suicide, she sings of her unhappiness and her loneliness.
Range: Tessitura:
B3 - D5D4 - C5
Translations/Aria Texts:
Libretto entered by Paolo Mattiazzi (added 1999-08-24)
Priva son d'ogni conforto, Cornelia's aria from Giulio Cesare

Priva son d'ogni conforto,
e pur speme di morire
per me misera non v'è.
Il mio cor, da pene assorto,
è già stanco di soffrire,
e morir si niega a me.
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