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Come scoglio - No. 14
from Act I, Scene III of the Italian opera Così fan tutte by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Libretto: Lorenzo da Ponte

Role: Fiordiligi, sister of Dorabella and fiancee of Guglielmo
Voice Part: soprano       Fach: dramatic coloratura
Setting: the living room of Dorabella and Fiordiligi's house
Synopsis: Two mysterious Albanians that are really Guglielmo and Ferrando in disguise have shown up at the sisters' door accompanied by Don Alfonso. The two men attempt to woo the sisters. Fiordiligi will have nothing to do with it, though, and, in this difficult aria, declares her loyalty to Guglielmo and asks the strangers to stop attempting to win them.
Range: Tessitura:
A3 - C6F4 - G5
Translations/Aria Texts:
Translation into English by Natalie Miller (added 1999-09-01)
Come scoglio immoto resta, Fiordiligi's aria from Così fan tutte

Temerari, sortite fuori di questo loco!	You audacious person, leave this place! 	
E non profani				You cannot profane, 	 
l'alito infausto de gli infami		with these infamous words, 		
detti nostro cor, nostro orecchio, 	our hearts, our ears
e nostri affetti!			and our affections.	
Invan per voi, 				It is useless for you
per glialtri invan si cerca  		to seek to seduce our souls; 
	le nostre alme sedur;
l'intata fede che per noi già		our faithfulness is intact 		
 	si diede ai cari amanti			and is pledged to our lovers 
	sa prem loro serbar 			until death, 	
	infino a morte,
a dispetto del mondo e della sorte.	in the face of misfortune, everlasting.	

Come scoglio immoto resta	Like a rock, we stand immobile
Contra i venti, e la tempesta,	against the wind and storm, 
Così ognor quest'alma è forte	and are always strong 
Nella fede, e nell'amor.	in trust and love.
Con noi nacque quella face	From us is born the light 
Che ci piace, e ci consola,	that gives us pleasure and comfort,
E potrà la morte sola		and the power of death alone 
Far che cangi affetto il cor.	can change the affections of our hearts.

Rispettate, anime ingrate,	Respect, ungrateful spirit.
Questo esempio di constanza,	We are examples of loyalty
E una barbara speranza		against your primitive hopes,
Non vi renda audaci ancor.	and do not make you bold.

Translated by Natalie Miller (
Sheet Music/Scores:
The Ultimate Soprano Aria Album (Version 2.0). Published by CD Sheet Music. Available at and
Anthology of Italian Opera - Soprano. Published by Ricordi. Available at and
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