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Composer: George Frideric Handel
Librettist: A. Marchi
Language: Italian
Date Written: 0

Complete Opera Translations/Opera Libretti: not entered
Alcina (soprano), a sorceress, sister of Morgana
Ruggiero (mezzo-soprano), a knight, betrothed to Bradamante
Morgana (soprano), sister of Alcina
Bradamante (contralto), betrothed to Ruggiero
Oronte (tenor), commander of Alcina's army
Melisso (bass), the guardian of Bradamante
Oberto (soprano), a young nobleman
Tornami a vagheggiar - Morgana (soprano)
Mi lusinga il dolce affeto - Ruggiero (mezzo-soprano)
Ah, mio cor! - Alcina (soprano)
Verdi prati - Ruggiero (mezzo-soprano)
Credete al mio dolore - Morgana (soprano)
Stà nell'Ircana pietrosa tana - Ruggiero (mezzo-soprano)
Mi restano le lagrime - Alcina (soprano)
Synopsis: not entered
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