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Composer: Johann Strauss
Librettist: Carl Haffner, and Richard Genèe
Language: German
Date Written: 0

Complete Opera Translations/Opera Libretti:
Translation into English by Lea Frey (added 2011-06-20)
Gabriel von Eisenstein (tenor), a rich Austrian, Rosalinda's husband
Rosalinda (soprano), Gabriel von Eisenstein's wife
Adele (soprano), Rosalinda's maid
Alfred (tenor), a tenor
Doctor Falke (baritone), a friend of Gabriel von Eisenstein
Doctor Blind (tenor), the lawyer of Gabriel von Eisenstein
Prince Orlofsky (mezzo-soprano), a wealthy Russian
Frank (baritone), the governor of the prison
Frosch (spoken), a jailer
Ida (spoken), sister of Adele the maid
Synopsis: not entered
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