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from Act II of the Italian opera Le Nozze di Figaro by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Libretto: Lorenzo da Ponte

Role: Susanna, maid to the Countess of Almaviva, fiancee of Figaro
Voice Part: soprano       Fach: soubrette
Setting: The Countess's bedroom
Synopsis: Susanna sings this aria as she attempts to dress Cherubino up as a woman. Her task is made more difficult though because he continually tries to squirm away and flirt with the Countess.
Range: Tessitura:
D4 - G5G4 - G5
Translations/Aria Texts:
Translation into English by Jane Bishop (added 1997-04-21)
Venite, inginocchiatevi, Susanna's aria from Le Nozze di Figaro

Venite, inginocchiatevi,               	Come, kneel down,
Restate fermo lì,                      	Stay still there,
Pian, piano or vi giratevi,            	Now turn around very slowly,
Bravo, và ben così!                    	Bravo, that's just right!
La faccia ora volgetimi,               	Now turn your face toward me,
Olà! quegli occhi a me,                	Hey! keep your eyes on me,
Dritissimo, guardatemi!                	Right here, look at me!
Madama quì non è.                      	Madame isn't here.
Piu alto quel colletto,                	That neckline higher,
Quel ciglio un po più basso,           	That hem a little lower,
Le mani sotto il petto,                	Your hands below your chest,
Vedremo poscia il passo,               	We'll see how you walk afterwards,
Quando sarete in piè.                  	When you're on your feet.
Mirate il bricconcello,                	Look at the little rascal,
Mirate quanto è bello,                 	Look how beautiful he is, 
Che furba guardatura,                  	What a clever look,
Che vezzo, che figura!                 	What charm, what a figure!
Se l'amano le femmine,                 	If women love him,
Han certo il lor perchè.             	They certainly have their reasons.

Word-by-word translation by Jane Bishop,
Sheet Music/Scores:
The Ultimate Soprano Aria Album (Version 2.0). Published by CD Sheet Music. Available at and
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