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from Act I of the Italian|French opera Médée (Medea) by Luigi Cherubini
Libretto: François Benoit Hoffmann

Role: Médée (Medea), former wife of Jason
Voice Part: soprano       Fach: dramatic soprano
Setting: the royal court of Créon at Corinth, ancient Greece
Synopsis: Médée has arrived in Corinth to find Jason and plead with him to take her back. She is sure that the love he has for her is still stronger than the love he has for his new fiancee Dircé. Although she has never begged before, she now begs for him to take her back, calling him cruel.
Range: Tessitura:
E4 - A#/Bb5F4 - F5
Translations/Aria Texts:
Translation into English by Mikee Nuñez-Inton (added 2000-04-04). Notes: translation of Italian libretto
Dei tuoi figli la madre, Medea 's aria from Medea

Dei tuoi figli la madre tu vedi vinta e afflitta,
	I am the mother of your sons, won and plagued 
fatta trista per te, e pur d ate proscritta.
	Hated and prosecuted for you,
Tu lo sai quanto un giorno t'amò, crudel!
	Those precious days you loved cruel one!
A te fu cara un dì, crudel!
	You met and loved her in a day! Cruelty! 
Sola qui, senza amor, scacciata, dolorosa,
	Alone here, without amor, driven away, painfully!
Se mai mi fossi apparso io sarei buona ancora;
	If you throw me to the pits, I would never sink!
Se mai mi fossi apparso, sarei pietosa!
	If you don't do this, I would be merciful! 
Il cor non sapea le orrende passioni;
	My heart, full of passions;
Scorrea la notte in sogni buoni,
	Scour the night in good dreams
Splendeva a me sereno il dì.
	The quiet day shone to calm me
Ero felice allor, avevo un padre,
	I was happy there, I had a father
Un nido : ho dato tutto a te:
	A nest: I have given you all you need and want!
Torna sposo per me!
	And what do you return to me?
Crudel! Crudel!
	Cruelty! Cruelty!
Io non voglio che te solo.
	I do not want you alone!
Medea t'implora qui, Medea, ai piedi tuoi starà!
	I Medea implore you here, the feet will be mine!
Pietà! per tanto amor che volli a te, pietà!
	Mercy! I loved you a lot, have mercy
Torna a me! torna sposo per me!
	He returns to me! My husband returns to me!

Translation by Mikee Nuñez-Inton (
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