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from Act II, Scene 1 of the French opera Hérodiade by Jules Massenet
Libretto: Paul Milliet

Role: Hérode, King of Galilee, the husband of Hérodiade
Voice Part: baritone       Fach: dramatic baritone
Setting: Hérode's apartment, Jerusalem during the reign of King Herod Antipas (30 AD)
Synopsis: Hérode sings of his passionate desire for Salomé, who he does not know is actually his wife's daughter.
Range: Tessitura:
C#/Db3 - F#/Gb4F3 - E4
Translations/Aria Texts:
Translation into English by Stephen Jackson (added 2000-04-26)
Vision fugitive, Hérode's aria from Hérodiade

Ce breuvage pourrait me donner un tel rêve! 	This drink could give me such a dream!
Je pourrais la revoir...			I could re-examine it...
Comtempler sa beauté!				Contemplate its beauty!
Divine volupté à mes regards promise!		Divine pleasure with my glances promised!
Espérance trop brève				Too short, hope,
Qui viens bercer mon coeur			Which comes to rock my heart
et troubler ma raison...			and to disturb my reason...
Ah! ne t'enfuis pas douce illusion! 		Ah! do not flee soft illusion!

Vision fugitive et toujours poursuivie		Fugitive and continuous vision,
Ange mystérieux qui prend toute ma vie...	mysterious angel, which takes all my life...
Ah! c'est toi! que je veux voir			Ah! it is you! that I want to see
Ô mon amour! ô mon espoir!			Oh, my love! O, my hope!
Vision fugitive! c'est toi!			Fugitive vision! it is you!
Qui prends toute ma vie!			Who takes all (of) my life!
Te presser dans mes bras!			To press you in my arms!
Sentir battre ton coeur				To feel the beat (of) your heart,
D'une amoureuse ardeur!				of a passionate heat!
Puis mourir enlacés...				Then to die intertwined... 
Dans une même ivresse...			in that same intoxication...
Pour ces transports...pour cette flamme.	For this journey...for this flame.
Ah! sans remords et sans plainte		Ah! without remorse and complaint
Je donnerais mon âme				I would give my soul...
Pour toi mon amour! mon espoir!			For you my love! My hope!
Vision fugitive! c'est toi!			Fugitive vision! It is you!
Qui prends toute ma vie!			Who takes all my life!
Oui! c'est toi! mon amour!			Yes! it is you! my love!
Toi, mon seul amour! mon espoir!	 	You, my only love! my hope! 

Translation by Stephen Jackson (
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