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from Act III, Scene I of the German opera Die Entführung aus dem Serail by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Libretto: Christoph Friedrich Bretzner

Role: Pedrillo, Blondchen's lover, now custodian of the Pasha's gardens
Voice Part: tenor       Fach: lyric tenor|buffo tenor
Setting: the palace square
Synopsis: Pedrillo sings this song to signal the ladies to get ready to leave. It describes a girl who is caught by the Moors and how a knight came to rescue her.
Range: Tessitura:
not enterednot entered
Translations/Aria Texts:
Translation into English by Camila Argolo Freitas Batista (added 1997-08-06)
In Mohrenland gefangen war, Pedrillo's aria from Die Entführung aus dem Serail

In Mohrenland gefangen war		(In a Moorish land a lovely maid
Ein Mädel hübsch und fein;		was taken captive;)
Sah rot und weiss,war schwarz von Haar,	pink and white was she, black her hair,
Seufzt Tag und Nacht und weinte gar,	and day and night she sighed,
Wollt' gern getröstet sein.		longing to be rescued.

Da kam aus fremdem Land daher		From a foreign land
Ein junger Rittersmann;			there came a young knight
Den jammerte das Mädchen dehr,		who took pity on the maid.
Ha, rief er, wag' ich Kopf und Ehr',	Ah, cried he, I'll risk my head
Wenn ich sie retten kann.		and honor to rescue her.

Ich komm' zu dir in finstrer Nacht,	I'll come to you at dead of night;
Lass, Liebchen, husch mich ein!		let me in quickly, dearest!
Ich fürchte weder Schloss nach Wacht,	I fear neither lock nor guard.
Holla, horch auf, um Mitternacht	Holla there, listen, at midnight
Sollst du erlöset sein.			you shall be freed.

Gesagt, getan; Glock' zwölfe stand	He kept his word: at the stroke of twelve
Der tapfre Ritter da;			the bold knight was there;
Sanft reicht sie ihm die weiche Hand,	she gently gave him her soft hand.
Früh man die leere Zelle fand;		In the early hours her cell was found empty;
Fort war sie Hopsasa!			she was gone, up and away!

Translation by Camila Argolo Freitas Batista (
Sheet Music/Scores:
The Ultimate Tenor Aria Album (Version 2.0). Published by CD Sheet Music. Available at and
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