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from Act III of the Italian opera I Puritani by Vincenzo Bellini
Libretto: Count Carlo Pepoli

Role: Lord Arturo Talbot, a Cavalier, in love with Elvira
Voice Part: tenor       Fach: tenor leggiero
Setting: A terrace in a wooded park near Elvira's dwelling place, Plymouth, England, during the English Civil War (1649)
Synopsis: Arturo is happy to be free of the pursuit of Riccardo and asks Elvira to come to his arms.
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Translations/Aria Texts:
Translation into English by Manuel A. Gutiérrez (added 1998-10-13)
Vieni, vieni fra questa braccia, Arturo's aria from I Puritani

Vieni, vieni fra questa braccia,       	Come, come to these arms,
Amor, delizia e vita,                	my love, delight and Life,
Vieni, son mi sarai rapita           	you will not be kidnapped from me
Finchè ti stringo al cor.          	While I hold you to my heart.
Ad ogni instante asante             	In every anxious moment
Ti chiamo e te sol bramo.              	I call you and for you alone I long.
Ah! Vieni, vien, tel ripeto         	Oh, come, come, I say again
Io t'amo,                        	I love you,
T'amo d'inmenso amore,                	I love you with an inmense love
Sì, tel ripeto, ecc.          		Yes, I say again...

Translation by Manuel A. Gutiérrez (
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