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from Act IV of the Italian opera Otello by Giuseppe Verdi
Libretto: Arrigo Boïto

Role: Otello, a General in the Venetian Army and a Moor, married to Desdemona
Voice Part: tenor       Fach: dramatic tenor
Setting: Desdemona's bedroom
Synopsis: Otello has killed his wife because Iago led him to believe that she betrayed him with another man. He discovers that Iago lied and that Desdemona was innocent. In anguish, he grieves over her death and eventually kills himself.
Range: Tessitura:
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Translations/Aria Texts:
Libretto entered by Stephen Parker (added 1998-08-13)
Niun mi tema, Otello's aria from Otello

Niun mi tema 
s'anco armato mi vede. Ecco la fine 
del mio camin. . .Oh! Gloria! Otello fu.
E tu. . .come sei pallida! e stanca, e muta, e bella, 
pia creatura nata sotto maligna stella. 
Fredda come la casta tua vita. . . 
e in cielo assorta. 
Desdemona! Desdemona!. . .
Ah. . .morta! morta! morta!. . .

Ho un'arma ancor!

Pria d'ucciderti. . .sposa. . .ti baciai. 
Or morendo. . .nell'ombra. . . 
in cui mi giacio. . . 
Un bacio. . .un bacio ancora. . .ah!. . .un altro bacio. . .
Sheet Music/Scores:
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