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Composer: Charles-François Gounod
Description: a Montague
Voice Part: tenor
Vocal Fach: lyric tenor
Ah! lêve-toi soleil - from Act II. Range: 3F - 4A#/Bb    Extras: Translation into English by The Ultimate Tenor Aria Album (Version 2.0) by   - Operatic Anthology, Volume 3 - Tenor by Kurt Adler - Kurt
Ah! lève-toi, soleil!, Romeo's aria from Romeo et Juliette

L'amour, l'amour!  Oui, son ardeur	Love, love!  yes, its ardor
A troublé tout mon être!		Has troubled all of my being!
Mais quelle soudaine clarté		But, what sudden light
Resplendit à cette fenêtre?		Dazzles at that window?
C'est là que dans la nuit		It is there that in the night
Rayonne sa beauté!			Radiates her beauty!
Ah!  lève-toi, soleil!  		Ah!  rise, sun!  
Fait pâlir les étoiles			Make pale the stars
Qui, dans l'azur sans voiles,		Which, in the azure, without veils,
Brillent au firmament.			Glitter in the firmament.

Ah!  lève-toi!  Parais! 		Ah, arise!  Appear! 
Astre pur et charmant!			Star-  pure and charming!
Elle rêve, elle dénoue			She is dreaming,  she unties
Une boucle de cheveux			A lock of hair
Qui vient caresser sa joue.		Which comes to caresse her cheek.
Amour!  Amour!  porte-lui mes voeux!	Love!  Love!  carry to her my vows!
Elle parle!  Qu'elle est belle!		She speaks!  How beautiful she is!
Ah!  Je n'ai rien entendu!		Ah!  I  heard nothing!
Mais ses yeux parlent pour elle!	But her eyes speak for her!
Et mon coeur a répondu!			And my heart has responded!

Translation by Lea Frey (

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