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Partagez-vous mes fleurs - part of No. 18, Valse
from Act IV of the French opera Hamlet by Ambroise Thomas
Libretto: Jules Barbier

Role: Ophélie, daughter of Polonius
Voice Part: soprano       Fach: lyric coloratura
Setting: A country site near a lake, Denmark, 16th century
Synopsis: Ophélie has gone mad and believes that she is married to Hamlet. She sings a merry and florid waltz about nothing.
Range: Tessitura:
F4 - A#/Bb5A4 - F5
Translations/Aria Texts:
Translation into English by Ilya Speranza (added 1999-01-18)
Partagez-vous mes fleurs, Ophelie's aria from Hamlet

A vos jeux, mes amis, 			At your game, my friends, 
permettez-moi de grace de prendre part!	would you permit me to take part!
Nul n'a suivi ma trace!			No one has followed my path!
J'ai quitte le palais 			I left the palace 
aux premiers feux du jour...		at the first fires of the day...
Des larmes de la nuit 			Of the tears of night, 
la terre etait mouillee:		the earth was damp:
Et l'alouette, avant l'aube eveillee,  	And the lark, high in the trees, 
planait dans l'air.			hovers in the air.
Mais vous, pourquoi vous parler bas?	But you, why do you speak so softly?
Ne me reconnaissez pas?			Do you not recognize me?
Hamlet est mon epoux..			Hamlet is my bridegroom...
et je suis Ophelie!			and I am Ophelia!
Un doux serment nous lie.		A sweet oath binds us.
Il m'a donne son couer 			He gave me his heart 
en echange du mien...			in exchange for mine...
Et si quelqu'un dit 			And if anyone says 
qu'il me fuit e m'oublie, 		that he has left me and forgotten me, 
n'en croyez rien!			I do not believe it!
Non, Hamlet est mon epoux 		No, Hamlet is my bridegroom 
e moi je suis Ophelie.			and I am Ophelia.
S'il trahissait sa foi, 		If he should betray me now, 
j'en perdrais la raison!		I would lose my reason!

Partagez-vous mes fleurs!		Share my flowers!
A toi cette humble branche 		For you, this humble branch 
	de romarin sauvage.			of wild rosemary.
A toi cette pervenche			For your, this periwin

Translation by Ilya Speranza (
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