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Opera: Macbeth
Composer: Giuseppe Verdi
Description: a general in the army of King Duncan of Scotland
Voice Part: bass
Vocal Fach: lyric bass
Come dal ciel precipita - from Act II, Scene 2. Range: 2B - 4E    Extras: Translation into English by
Come dal ciel precipita,  Banco's aria from Macbeth

Studia il passo, o mio figlio...	Be careful how you go, o my son...
Usciam da queste tenèbre...		Let’s go out from this darkness... 
Un senso ignoto				I feel something unknown
Nascer mi sento in petto,		Growing in my heart,
Pien di tristo presagio e di sospetto.	Fraught with sad premonition and suspicion.

Come dal ciel precipita			How the shade falls from heaven
L’ombra più sempre oscura!		More and more obscure !
In notte ugual trafissero		On such another night as this
Duncano, il mio signor.			They stabbed to death Duncan, my lord.
Mille affannose immagini		A thousand nightmares
M’annunciano sventura,			Are foretelling me misfortune,
E il mio pensiero ingombrano		And are oppressing my mind
Di larve e di terror.			With ghosts and dread.

Ohimè !... Fuggi, mio figlio ! 		Alack !... Run away, o my son !...
O tradimento !... 		 	O treachery ! 

Translation by Stefano Olcese (
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