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Carlo vive? O caro accento - Cabaletta for "Tu del mio Carlo al seno"
from Act II, Scene 1 of the Italian opera I Masnadieri by Giuseppe Verdi
Libretto: Andrea Maffei

Role: Amalia, Massimiliano's niece, orphaned
Voice Part: soprano       Fach: dramatic coloratura
Setting: the family vault of the Moors, Germany, early 18th century
Synopsis: Amalia has just been told that Carlo and Massimiliano are actually alive, contrary to news of both of their demises. Amalia sings her resulting joy from the unexpected and exciting news.
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Libretto entered by Stephen Parker (added 1997-04-29)
Carlo vive? O caro accento, Amalia's aria from I Masnadieri

Carlo vive? O caro accento, 
melodia di paradiso! 
Dio raccolse il mio lamento, 
fu pietoso al mio dolor. 
Carlo vive?. . .Or terra e cielo 
si riveston d'un sorriso; 
gli astri, il sol non han più velo; 
l'universo è tutto amor.
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