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from Act I of the French opera Les Huguenots by Giacomo Meyerbeer
Libretto: Eugène Scribe

Role: Urbain, the page of Marguerite, Queen of Navarre
Voice Part: mezzo-soprano       Fach: lyric mezzo
Setting: An apartment in the chateau of the Count de Nevers, Paris, France, August 1572
Synopsis: The page Urbain arrives and merrily gives Raoul an anonymous letter, saying that the noble lady that gave the message to him has finally chosen a love.
Range: Tessitura:
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Translations/Aria Texts:
Translation into English by Ates Uslu (added 1998-07-22)
Nobles seigneurs, salut!, Urbain's aria from Les Huguenots

Nobles seigneurs, salut! 	Greetings, noble lords,
Seigneurs, salut!		greetings, my lords!
Une dame noble et sage,		A lady, noble and discreet,
dont les rois seraient jaloux,	of whom the kings would be jealous,
m’a chargé de ce message,	has charged me with this message,
chevaliers, pour l’un de vous.	gentlemen, for one of you.
Sans qu’on la nomme,		Without naming her,
honneur ici			all honour here
au gentilhomme			to the gentleman
qu’elle a choisi!		she has chosen!
Vous pouvez croire		Believe me,
que nul seigneur		no lord
n’eut tant de gloire		has had so much glory
ni de bonheur.			and good fortune.
Ne craignez mensonge ou piège,	Fear neither deception nor trap
chevaliers, dans mes discours.	in my words, gentlemen.
Or, salut! que Dieu protège	Now, salutations, may God protect
vos combats, vos amours!	your combats and your loves!
Or, salut, chevaliers!		Now, salutations, gentlemen!
Dieu protège vos amours!	May God protect your loves!

Translation by Ates Uslu (
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