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from Act I of the Italian opera Edgar by Giacomo Puccini
Libretto: Ferdinando Fontana

Role: Fidelia, a young woman in love with Edgar, sister of Frank and daughter of Gualtiero
Voice Part: soprano       Fach: lyric soprano
Setting: the main square of a Flemish village at dawn in April, late 19th century
Synopsis: Edgar is asleep in front of an inn in the square. Fidelia approaches him and wakes him. Seeing that he is unhappy, she picks a small branch off of an almond tree and gives it to him. She tells him that she hopes it will make him feel better.
Range: Tessitura:
C#/Db4 - A5G#/Ab4 - G5
Translations/Aria Texts:
Libretto entered by Robert Glaubitz (added 1998-05-15)
Già il mandorlo vicino, Fidelia's aria from Edgar

Già il mandorlo vicino
Dei primi fior si ornò; 
Se sovra il mio cammino
Edgar incontrerò,
Troncar ne voglio un ramo
E a lui lo vo' gettar...
Il mattinal saluto
Così gli voglio dar!
Or ben sul mio cammino, 
Edgar, io t'incontrai... 
Bel ramo, ramo candido, 
Io ti potei troncar...
Il mattinal saluto
Così ti posso dar!
O profumata stella,
Che leggi nel mio cuor,
A lui di me favella!... 
Addio, candido fior!
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