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Cruda sorte - Cavatina
from Act I, Scene 2 of the Italian opera L'Italiana in Algeri by Gioacchino Rossini
Libretto: Angelo Anelli

Role: Isabella, an Italian lady
Voice Part: mezzo-soprano       Fach: lyric mezzo
Setting: The shore of Algeria, early 19th century
Synopsis: Isabella has come to Algeria to find her love Lindoro. However she has been in a shipwreck and the Algerian pirates are planning to take her to become part of the harem of the Bey of Algiers. She comments that she is only in this danger because of her great love for Lindoro, but she goes on to state that the pirates are only men and therefore, no challenge to her wits.
Range: Tessitura:
B3 - F5C4 - C5
Translations/Aria Texts:
Translation into English by Ates Uslu (added 1998-05-14)
Cruda sorte, Isabella's aria from L'Italiana in Algeri

Cruda sorte! Amor tiranno!		Cruel fate! Tyrannical Cupid!
Questo æ il premio di mia fé:		Is this the reward for my constancy?
Non v'è orror, terror, né affanno	No horror, terror or anguish exists
Pari a quel ch'io provo in me.		compared to that which I now suffer.
Per te solo, o mio Lindoro,		For you alone, my Lindoro,
Io mi trovo in tal periglio.		I find myself in such peril.
Da chi spero, oh Dio, consiglio?	From whom, oh God, can I hope for counsel?
Chi confort mi dara?			Who will give me comfort?
Qua ci vuol disinvoltura.		Keeping cool is what's wanted here,
Non più smanie, né paura;		no more rages or terror:
Di coraggio è tempo adesso,		now is the time for courage;
Or chi sono si vedrà.			now they'll see who I am.
Già so per pratica			From experience I already
Qual sia l'effetto			know the effect
D'un sguardo languido,			of a languishing look,
D'un sospiretto...			of a slight sigh...
So a domar gli uomini			I know what to do
Come si fa.				to tame men.
Sien dolci o ruvidi			Be they gentle or rough,
Sien flemma o foco,			cool or ardent,
Son tutti simili			they're all alike.
A presso a poco...			more or less...
Tutti la chiedono,			They all seek,
Tutti la bramano			they all long for,
Da vada femmina				from a pretty woman.
Felicità.				happiness

Translation by Ates Uslu 
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