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Spectre infernal! - No. 5, Invocation
from Act I, Scene 2 of the French opera Hamlet by Ambroise Thomas
Libretto: Jules Barbier

Role: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
Voice Part: baritone       Fach: lyric baritone
Setting: Battlements of Elsinore Castle, Denmark, 16th century
Synopsis: Hamlet has heard a report of the ghost of his father appearing on the battlements of the castle. At midnight, he goes to the battlements and invokes the spirit of his father, hoping that the ghost will appear to him.
Range: Tessitura:
C#/Db3 - F#/Gb4F#/Gb3 - D4
Translations/Aria Texts:
Libretto entered by Ugo Berardi (added 2000-04-04)
Spectre infernal!, Hamlet's aria from Hamlet

Spectre infernal! Image vénérée!
O mon pere! O mon roi!
Réponds,hélas! à ma voix eplorée,
parle-moi! Parle-moi!

Pourquoi, reponds, hors de la froide terre
ou je t'ai vu descendre inanimé,
pourquoi te dresser , o mystere!
Le diadème au front et tot armé ?
Spectre infernal! Inage vénérée,
O mon pere! ecc. ecc.
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