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from Act I of the Italian opera L'Amico Fritz by Pietro Mascagni
Libretto: P. Suardon

Role: Suzel, a farmer's daughter
Voice Part: soprano       Fach: lyric soprano
Setting: The dining room of Fritz's house, Alsace, late 19th century
Synopsis: As Suzel gives Fritz flowers as a present, she sings a song to him about them.
Range: Tessitura:
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Translations/Aria Texts:
Translation into English by Tina Gray (added 1998-04-17)
Son pochi fiori, Suzel's aria from L'amico Fritz

Son pochi fiori, povere viole, 		Just a few flowers, humble violets,
Son l’alito d’aprile			they are the breath of April
Dal profumo gentile;			with their tender fragrence;
Ed è per voi 				And for you 
che le ho rapite al sole...		I have snatched them from the sunshine....
Se avessero parole, 			If they could speak
le udreste mormorar:			You would hear them say:
Noi siamo figlie timide e pudiche	We are timid and shy daughters of spring
Siamo le vostre amiche;			We are your friends;
Morremo questa sera,			We shall die this evening,
Ma morremo felici			but we are happy
Di dire voi, che amate gl’infelici:	to wish you, who love the unfortunate:
Il ciel vi possa dar			may heaven grant you
Tutto quel bene che si può sperar.	all the good things that it is possible to hope for.
Ed il mio cor aggiunge 			and in my heart adds 
una parola modesta, ma sincera:		a modest but sincere word:
Eterna primavera La vostra vita sia, 	May your life which brings comfort to others 
	ch’altri consola...			be eternal spring...
Deh, vogliate gradir 			Ah, desire to accept
Quanto vi posso offrir!         	All that I can offer!

Translation by Tina Gray (
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