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from Act I of the Italian opera I Capuleti ed i Montecchi by Vincenzo Bellini
Libretto: Felice Romani

Role: Giulietta, daughter of Capellio and lover of Romeo
Voice Part: soprano       Fach: lyric coloratura
Setting: Giulietta's balcony in the palace of Capulet, Verona, Italy, 15th century
Synopsis: Giulietta worries because she does not know where Romeo has gone. She is in love with him and waits with ardor for him to come. She wishes to see his silhouette in the light of the day and hear his sigh which reminds her of the breeze.
Range: Tessitura:
D4 - C6G4 - F5
Translations/Aria Texts:
Translation into English by Tina Gray (added 1998-08-12)
Oh! quante volte ti chiedo, Giulietta's aria from I Capuletti ed I Montecchi

Eccomi in lieta vesta...eccomi adorna...	Behold me decked out 
Come vittima all'ara.  Oh! almen potessi	like a victim on the altar.  Oh if only I could 
Qual vittima cader dell'ara al piede!		fall like a victim at the foot of the altar!
O nuzïali tede,					Oh nuptial torches,
Abborrite così, così fatali,			so hated, so fateful, 
Siate, ah! siate per me faci ferali.		ah! would that you were the tapes of my doom.
Ardo...una vampa, un foco			I burn, a blaze, a fire 
Tutta mi strugge. 				all my torment.
Un refrigerio ai venti io chiedo invano. - 	In vain I call on the winds to cool me. 
Ove se'tu, Romeo?				Where are you Romeo?
In qual terra t'aggiri?				In what lands do you wander
Dove, dove invïarti i miei sospiri?		Where, where shall I send them, 
							where my sighs where to?

Oh! quante volte, 			Oh! How much time,
Oh! quante ti chiedo 			Oh! How often I beg you!
Al ciel piangendo			the sky weeps 
Con quale ardor t'attendo,		with the passion of my waiting
E inganno il mio desir!			And delude my desires!
Raggio del tuo sembiante		To me the light of day
Parmi il brillar del giorno :		ah! is like the flash of your presence
L'aura che spira  intorno		ah! the air that winds around
Mi sembra un tuo respir.		is my longings.

Translation by Tina Gray (
Sheet Music/Scores:
Anthology of Italian Opera - Soprano. Published by Ricordi. Available at and
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