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from Act IV (Act III in four-act version), Scene 1 of the Italian|French opera Don Carlos by Giuseppe Verdi
Libretto: Joseph Méry

Role: Princess Eboli, lady in waiting to the Queen of Spain
Voice Part: mezzo-soprano       Fach: dramatic mezzo
Setting: The King's cabinet, Madrid, Spain, 1559
Synopsis: Eboli has betrayed her Queen and friend Elizabeth to the Queen because her advances to Carlos have been rejected. In retaliation, Elizabeth gives her the choice of being exiled or becoming a nun. After she leaves, Eboli curses the gift of beauty that she has been given, saying that it has been the cause of all her problems. She swears to save Carlos from the imprisonment that has resulted from her betrayal.
Range: Tessitura:
B3 - B5D#/Eb4 - G#/Ab5
Translations/Aria Texts:
Translation into English by Guia Monti (added 1997-09-28). Notes: from Italian text
O don fatale, Eboli's aria from Don Carlos

O don fatale, o don crudel		O terrible gift, o cruel gift
che in suo furor mi fece il ciel!	that an irate heaven made me!
Tu che ci fai sì vane, altere,		You make us so vain and proud,
ti maledico, ti maledico,o mia beltà!	I curse you, I curse you, o beauty!
Versar, versar sol posso il pianto,	I can only shed my tears
speme non ho, soffrir dovrò!		I've no hope,I can only suffer!
Il mio delitto è orribil tanto		My crime is so horrible
che cancellar mai nol potrò!		that it will never fade!
Ti maledico,ti maledico o mia beltà,	I curse you, I curse you, o beauty,
O mia Regina, io t'immolai		O my Queen, I sacrificed you
al folle error di questo cor.		to the crazed passion of my heart.
Solo in un chiostro al mondo omai	Only in a cloister
dovrò celar il mio dolor!		I can now hide my suffering from the world!
Ohimè! Ohimè! O mia Regina,		Alas! Alas! O my Queen,
Oh ciel! E  Carlo! a morte domani,	O God! Carlos! tomorrow he will die,
gran Dio! a morte andar	vedrò!		o great God! Tomorrow I'll see him die!
Ah, un dì mi resta,			Ah! I've one day more,
la speme mi arride, ah,			there is hope, ah,
sia benedetto il ciel! Lo salverò!	Heaven be blessed! I'll save him!
Un dì mi resta, ah, sia benedetto	One more day, ah, Heaven be blessed!
il ciel! Ah! lo salverò!		I'll save him!

Translated by Guia Monti (
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