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from Act I, Scene 1 of the Italian opera Alzira by Giuseppe Verdi
Libretto: Salvatore Cammarano

Role: Gusmano, Governor of Peru
Voice Part: baritone       Fach: dramatic baritone
Setting: The main square of Lima, Peru, mid-16th century
Synopsis: After ordering Ataliba, a tribal head and his prisoner, to offer up his allegiance to Spain, Gusmano also implies that it might be nice if he could have Alzira, Ataliba's daughter. After Ataliba warns him that it may not be the best idea because Alzira loves another, Gusman sings of how he is able to conquer entire nations, but he cannot claim victory over one woman's love.
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Libretto entered by Ugo Berardi (added 1999-12-07)
Eterna la memoria, Gusman's aria from Alzira

Eterna la memoria 
d'un folle amar l'ingombra!
Dal regno delle tenebre
me la contrasta un'ombra.
Chi vivo debellei
forza temer m'รจ estinto...
Mille battaglie ho vinto,
vincer non posso un cor!
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