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Risorto fra le tenebre - Cabaletta for "Un Inca, eccesso orribile"
from Prologue of the Italian opera Alzira by Giuseppe Verdi
Libretto: Salvatore Cammarano

Role: Zamoro, the head of a Peruvian tribe
Voice Part: tenor       Fach: spinto
Setting: A vast plain, Peru, mid-16th century
Synopsis: Zamoro has returned from being captured by the Governor of Peru, Gusmano, and his troops. His tribesmen are surprised to see him alive, thinking that he had been killed by Gusmano's torture. After he rails against the injustice that Gusmano has caused him and his people, his tribesmen tell him that Alzira and her father Ataliba, another tribal head, have been taken prisoner by Gusmano. Zamoro resolves to save them from the governor's cruel hands. He then launches in this cabaletta, describing the rebellious air that has been pervading his people.
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Libretto entered by Ugo Berardi (added 1999-11-04)
Risorto fra le tenebre, Zamoro's cabaletta from Alzira

Risorto fra le tenebre,
per lunghe vie romite,
là trassi, ove men fervidi
dal sol piovono i raggi:
narrar m'udian quei popoli
tutti gl'ispani oltraggi.

    All'armi sorsero
mille tribù guerriere...
In breve ne raggiungono
le radunate schiere...
Cento vendette e cento
faremo in un sol dì.
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