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Avant de quitter ces lieux - No. 4, Recitative and Cavatina
from Act II of the French opera Faust by Charles-François Gounod
Libretto: Jules Barbier

Role: Valentin, Marguerite's brother
Voice Part: baritone       Fach: lyric baritone
Setting: A celebration in a public square in a German city, 16th century
Synopsis: Valentin has been called off to war. He is not worried about what will happen to him because of the sacred medallion that he has been given. He is, however, worried because there will no one protect his sister while he is gone. He asks God to take care of her while he fights. He declares that he shall fight valiantly for his country and if he dies, he prays that he will be allowed to watch over his sister from Heaven.
Range: Tessitura:
C3 - G4D#/Eb3 - D#/Eb4
Translations/Aria Texts:
Translation into English by Lea Frey (added 1997-04-17)
Avant de quitter ces lieux, Valentin's aria from Faust

O sainte médaille, 			O, holy medal
Qui me vient de ma soeur,		Which comes to me from my sister,
Au jour de la bataille, 		On the day of battle, 
Pour écarter la mort, 			To guard against death,
Reste sur mon coeur.			Stay on my heart.

Avant de quitter ces lieux,		Before leaving this place,
Sol natal de mes aïeux			Native soil of my ancestors,
A toi, Seigneur et Roi des cieux,	To you, Lord and King of Heaven
Ma soeur je confie .  			My sister I  entrust.
Daigne de tout danger			Deign from all danger
Toujours, toujours la proteger,		Always, always to protect her,
Cette soeur si chérie    		This sister, so dear, 
daigne de tout danger la proteger, 	Deign from all danger to protect her, 
Daigne la protéger de tout danger!	Deign to protect her from all danger!
Délivré d’une triste pensée		Delivered from a sad thought,
J’irai chercher la gloire,		I will go in search of glory,
La gloire au sein des ennemis,		Glory in the midst of enemies,
Le prémier,le plus brave, 		The first, the bravest,
Au fort de la mèlée,			In the heat of the fray,
J’ira____i combattre pour mon pays,	I will go to do combat for my country,
Et si, vers lui, Dieu me rappelle,	And if, to him, God calls me back,
Je veillerai sur toi fidèle,		I will watch over you loyally,
Ô Marguerite!				Oh, Marguerite!
Avant de quitter ses lieux,		Before leaving this place,
Sol natale de mes aïeux,		Native soil of my ancestors,
A toi, Seigneur et Roi des cieux,	To you, Lord and King of Heaven,
Ma soeur je confie!			I entrust my sister!
Ô Roi des cieux, jette les yeux,	Oh King of Heaven, look down (on her),
Protège Marguerite, Roi des cieux!	Protect Marguerite, King of Heaven!	

Word-by-word translation by Lea Frey,
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