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Deh per questo istante - No. 17, Rondo
from Act II of the Italian opera La Clemenza di Tito by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Libretto: Pietro Metastasio

Role: Sextus (Sesto), Titus's friend who is in love with Vitellia
Voice Part: mezzo-soprano       Fach: lyric mezzo
Setting: The Imperial garden
Synopsis: Before signing Sextus's death warrant, the emporer questions him to find some reason that he can pardon him. Sextus will not tell him the name of his accomplice, Vitellia, for the emporer has agreed to marry her. Instead, in this aria, Sextus reminds Titus of how Sextus used to love him and Sextus feels tortured that he betrayed Titus at all.
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Translations/Aria Texts:
Translation into English by Theresa Patten (added 2011-06-18)
Deh, per questo instante solo, Sesto's aria from La Clemenza di Tito

Deh, per questo istante solo	Ah, for just this moment
ti ricorda il primo amor,	Remember the first affections,
che morir mi fa di duolo	that make me die of grief
il tuo sdegno, il tuo rigor.	your anger, your severity.
Di pietade indegno, e vero.	Unworthy of pity, it is true.
sol spirar io deggio orror.	I should only inspire horror.
Pur saresti men severo		Yet you would be less severe
se vedessi questo cor.		if you could see this heart.
Disperato vado a morte,		Desperate I go to death
ma il morir non mi spaventa.	but death does not frighten me.
ll pensiero mi tormenta		The thought torments me
che fui teco un traditor!	is that I betrayed you!
(Tanto affanno soffre un core,	(So much a heart can suffer,
ne si more di dolor!)		yet does not die of grief!)

Translation by Theresa M. Patten




Libretto entered by Camila Argolo Freitas Batista (added 1998-05-15)
Deh per questo, Sesto's aria from La Clemenza di Tito

Deh per questo istante solo 
Ti ricorda il primo amor. 
Che morir mi fa di duolo 
Il tuo sdegno il tuo rigor. 
Di peitade indegno e vero, 
Sol spirar io deggio orror. 
Pur sareti men severo, 
Se vedessi questo cor. 
Disperato vado a morte; 
Ma il morir non mi tormenta 
Che fui teco un traditor! 
(Tanto affanno soffre un core, 
Ne si more di dolor!) 
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