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Tutto è disposto...Aprite un po'quegli occhi - No. 26, Recitative and Aria
from Act IV of the Italian opera Le Nozze di Figaro by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Libretto: Lorenzo da Ponte

Role: Figaro, valet to the Count of Almaviva, betrothed to Susanna
Voice Part: bass-baritone       Fach: bass-baritone
Setting: The garden of Count Almaviva
Synopsis: After reading a note from Susanna to the Count, Figaro (falsely) assumes that Susanna is cheating on him. Angry, he declares that all women are roses with deadly thorns.
Range: Tessitura:
D#/Eb3 - D#/Eb4A#/Bb3 - D#/Eb4
Translations/Aria Texts:
Translation into English by Giuseppe Cusmano (added 1998-03-18)
Aprite un po’quegli occhi, Figaro's aria from Le Nozze di Figaro

Tutto è disposto: 			Everything is set:
L’ora dovrebbe esser vicina; 		the hour should be near;
Io sento gente...è dessa! 		I can hear people... it is her!
Non è alcun; 				It's nobody;
Buia è la notte...			The night is dark...
Ed io comincio omai a fare 		and I am just beginning to practice
Il scimunito mestiere di marito...	the stupid work of being a husband...
Ingrata!  				You ungrateful!
Nel memento della mia cerimonia 	While remembering my ceremony
Ei godeva leggendo: 			he was enjoying in reading:
E nel vederlo io rideva 		And while I was seeing it I was laughing 
Di me senza saperlo.  			at me without knowing it.
Oh Susanna!  Susanna!  			Oh, Susanna! Susanna!
Quanta pena mi costi! 			What a great suffering you cost me!
Con quell’ingenua faccia, 		With your ingenuous face,
Con quelgli occhi innocenti, 		with your innocent eyes,
Chi creduto l’avria? Ah! 		who would imagine it? Ah,
Che il fidarse a donna, è ognor follia.	that it's foul to trust in a woman.

Aprite un po’quegli occhi,		Open your eyes, 
Uomini incauti e sciocchi,		you incautious and stupid  men
Guardate queste femmine,		Look at these women
Guardate cosa son!			Look what they are!
Queste chiamate dee			These you call goddesses
Dagli ingannati sensi,			with deceived senses,
A cui tributa incensi			to whom the weak reason
La debole ragion.			tributes incenses.
Son streghe che incantano		They are witches who enchant
Per farci penar,			only to make us pain,
Sirene che cantano			Sirens who sing
Per farci affogar,			to draw us,
Civette che allettano			Owls who attract
Per trarci le piume,			to take out our feathers
Comete che brillano			Comets who shine
Per toglierci il lume.			to take our light away,
Son rose spinose			they're thorny roses
Son volpi vezzose;			they're charming foxes
Son orse benigne,			they're benign bears,
Colombe maligne,			malign doves,
Maestre d’inganni,			masters in cheating
Amiche d’affanni,			friends of worries
Che fingono, mentono,			who pretend, lie,
Amore non senton,			don't feel any love,
Non senton pietà,			don't feel any pity,
No, no, no, no no!			no, no, no, no, no!
Il resto no dico,			I don't tell all the rest,
Già ognuno lo sa.			anybody knows that.

Translated by Giuseppe Cusmano (
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