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from Act I of the Italian opera Lucio Silla by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Libretto: Giovanni de Gamerra

Role: Lucius Cinna, Roman patrician, friend of Cecililus and secret enemy of Sulla
Voice Part: soprano       Fach: lyric soprano
Setting: the banks of the Tiber in a grove near ruins
Synopsis: After meeting Cecilius who has been banished from Rome, Cinna tells his friend the bad news from Rome that he has been declared dead and his bride-to-be has been abducted by Sulla. Cecilius cannot go save her or he too will be killed. In his aria, though, Cinna expressed his optimism, saying that Cecilius should go where love wants him to. Cinna is already able to feel that everything will turn out all right. Like the sea, when life is rough it eventually gets better.
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Translations/Aria Texts:
Translation into English by Camila Argolo Freitas Batista (added 1997-08-06)
Vieni ov'amor t'invita, Cinna's aria from Lucio Silla

Vieni ov'amor t'invita		Come whither love would guide thee,
Vieni, che già mi sento		Come, already I sense in my breast
Del tuo vicin contento		The lofty aspirations
Gli altri presagi in sen.	Of thy approaching joy.

Non è sempre il mar cruccioso,	Not for ever is the sea turbulent,
Non è sempre il ciel turbato,	Not for ever is the sky overcast,
Ride alfin, lieto e placato	In time it will smile, joyful and tranquil
Fra la calma, ed il seren.	In uncloulded serenity and calm.

Translation by Camila Argolo Freitas Batista (
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