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Sois immobile - part of No. 18, Finale
from Act III, Scene 2 of the French opera Guillaume Tell by Gioacchino Rossini
Libretto: Étienne de Jouy

Role: Guillaume Tell, a Swiss patriot, father of Jemmy and husband of Hedwige
Voice Part: baritone       Fach: lyric baritone
Setting: the main square of Altdorf, Switzerland, thirteenth century
Synopsis: When Guillaume Tell refuses to genuflect to the symbol of Austrian government, Gesler picks out Tell's son Jemmy and orders Tell to shoot an apple off Jemmy's head or Jemmy will be killed. Before shooting, however, Tell warns Jemmy to stay completely still and think of his mother.
Range: Tessitura:
C3 - F4F3 - D#/Eb4
Translations/Aria Texts:
Libretto entered by OperaGlass (added 2000-09-17)
Sois immobile, Guillaume Tell's aria from Guillaume Tell

Sois immobile, et vers la terre 
Incline un genou suppliant. 
Invoque Dieu: c'est lui seul, mon enfant, 
Qui dans le fils peut épargner le père. 

Demeure ainsi, mais regarde les cieux. 
En menaçant une tête si chère, 
Cette pointe d'acier peut effrayer tes yeux. 
Le moindre mouvement... Jemmy, songe à ta mère! 
Elle nous attend tous les deux!
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