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from Act II, Scene 1 of the German opera Das Liebesverbot by Richard Wagner
Libretto: Richard Wagner

Role: Claudio, a young nobleman, friend of Luzio and brother of Isabella
Voice Part: tenor
Setting: the garden of a prison in Palermo, Sicily, 16th century
Synopsis: Claudio is in prison awaiting his execution for illegal fornication. Isabella has hatched a plan to save him by causing the Governor of Sicily to break his own law against fornication. However, to do this, she must give herself up to him. Claudio rages at the notion, saying nobly that he would gladly die to protect her honor.
Range: Tessitura:
G3 - A4G3 - G4
Translations/Aria Texts:
Libretto entered by OperaGlass (added 2000-06-17)
Ha, welch ein Tod, Claudio's aria from Das Liebesverbot

Ha, welch ein Tod für Lieb' und Ehre, 
ihm weih' ich meine Jugendkraft, 
für die erhabne Heldenehre 
glüh' ich in hoher Leidenschaft! 
Für meines gäbst du gern dein Leben, 
doch für die Ehre sterbe ich! 
Ich ende so mein männlich Streben, 
und hoher Lohn erwartet mich!
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