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Elle est là! près de lui - No. 12, Recitativo-Cantabile
from Act II, Scene 2 of the French opera Mignon by Ambroise Thomas
Libretto: Jules Barbier

Role: Mignon, stolen from an Italian castle by gypsies as a young girl
Voice Part: mezzo-soprano       Fach: lyric mezzo
Setting: a park in a German castle, late 1700s
Synopsis: Wilhelm has told Mignon that her love for him is not returned. Upset at his rejection of her and jealous of his lover Philine, Mignon exclaims her dislike of Philine and the piercing pain she feels.
Range: Tessitura:
C4 - G5D#/Eb4 - D#/Eb5
Translations/Aria Texts:
Translation into English by Michael Morbach (added 2000-08-25)
Elle est là! près de lui!,  Mignon's aria from Mignon

Elle est là! près de lui!			She is there! Near him!   
Son triomphe commence!				Her triumph begins!
Et moi! j'erre au hasard 			And me! I wander aimlessly 
	dans ce jardin immense. 		in this immense garden.
Elle est aimée!  il l'aime!     		She is loved! He loves her!
Eh bien! je le savais!      			Well! I knew it!
Ces tourments, je les éprouvais.    		These torments, I suffered them!
Non! je ne l'avais pas entendu de sa bouche,  	No! I had not heard from his lips
Ce mot qui déchire mon coeur!     		that word that tears my heart!
Espères-tu que ton chagrin le touche?   	Do you hope that your grief affects him?
Pauvre Mignon! il l'aime! et son rire moqueur  	Poor Mignon! He loves her! And his mocking laugh
Rend plus cruelle encor, 			returns more cruelly again, 
plus cruelle cette parole! 			more cruelly this word!
Il l'aime!        				He loves her!
O Dieu! je deviens folle de rage e de douleur!	O God! I am becoming mad from grief and sadness!
Ah! Ce flot clair et tranquille m'attire à lui!	Ah! This stream, clear and tranquil, 
							draws me to it!
J'entends, parmi les verts roseaux,    		I hear, among the green reeds,
Votre voix, ô filles des eaux,    		your voice, O daughters of the waters,
Vous m'appelez à vous!      			You call me to you!

Translation by Michael Morbach (
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