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from the one act German opera Daphne by Richard Strauss
Libretto: Joseph Gregor

Role: Apollo, the God of Light
Voice Part: tenor       Fach: dramatic tenor/heldentenor
Setting: near the hut of Penios, ancient Greece
Synopsis: Leukippos has accused Apollo of lying about his godhood and, to prove that he truly is a god, Apollo kills him. However, Daphne then swears to remain at the grave of her beloved Leukippos until she joins him in death. Realizing that he might have made a mistake, Apollo asks Dionysius, the god of wine, for forgiveness. To make up for his mistake, Apollo begs that Leukippos be raised to Olympus, home of the gods, in order to forevermore play the flute for Dionysius. He then begs the father of the gods, Zeus, to have similar mercy upon Daphne and change her into aone of her beloved laurel trees.
Range: Tessitura:
C#/Db3 - B4G#/Ab3 - G#/Ab4
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