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Composer: Bedrich Smetana
Librettist: Karel Sabina
Language: Czech
Date Written: 0

Complete Opera Translations/Opera Libretti: not entered
Krusina (baritone), a peasant. husband of Ludmilla and father of Marenka
Ludmilla (mezzo-soprano), wife of Krusina and mother of Marenka
Marenka (soprano), daughter of Krusina and Ludmilla
Micha (bass), a landlord, husband of Hata and father of Vasek and Jenik
Hata (mezzo-soprano), wife of Micha and mother of Vasek
Vasek (tenor), son of Micha and Hata
Jenik (tenor), son of Micha by his first marriage
Kecal (bass), a marriage broker
Ringmaster (tenor), leader of a circus
Esmeralda (soprano), a dancer
An Indian (bass)
Synopsis: not entered
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