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from Act III of the French opera Hamlet by Ambroise Thomas
Libretto: Jules Barbier

Role: Claudius, King of Denmark
Voice Part: bass       Fach: lyric bass
Setting: Elsinore Castle, Denmark, 16th century
Synopsis: Observed by Hamlet, the King prays to his brother, asking him to forgive Claudius for killing him.
Range: Tessitura:
D#/Eb2 - F4A#/Bb2 - C4
Translations/Aria Texts:
Libretto entered by Ugo Berardi (added 2000-02-13)
Je t'implore, the King's aria from Hamlet

Je t'implore, o mon frère!
Si tu m'entends, si tu me vois,
apaise la colère
de Celui que juge les rois!
Ah! Vains effots! Espérance insensée!
Ma voix et mes regards vont au ciel,
ma pensée rampe sur la terre!...
Dieu ne m'écoute pas!
Ma pensée rampe sur la terre!
Hélas! Dieu na m'écoute pas! Hélas!...

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