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If you have trouble finding what you want, please look at both the list of opera characters in the Database (sorted by opera) and the searching instructions.

Note : This is a new feature and may have bugs. Please let me know if there are any! To be added in the future : more complete voice type (i.e. lyric soprano instead of just soprano).

Character Name :      Voice Part :
- Soprano
- Mezzo-Soprano
- Contralto
- Tenor
- Baritone
- Bass
- Spoken/Mute
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Role Created By :
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Search is case-insensitive, boolean and wildcards not supported.

Instructions for Searching the Opera Character Database

Each entry in the Opera Character database represents a character from an opera and has five pieces of information : the opera the character is from, the voice part the character sings, a short description of the character, the creator of the role, and the arias the character sings (linking directly to the aria reference in the Aria Database).

To search in the database, you can put information in any of the fields of the search form. If you wish to only search for characters from a specific opera, for example, you could type the opera name in the "Opera characters are from :" box and submit the form. You would then see a list of all the characters in that opera if the opera has been entered into the database. You can also limit the search by voice type. If you only wanted to see the soprano characters from La Bohème, you would check "soprano" under "voice part" and put "La Bohème" (with or without the accent) in the "Opera characters are from" box and submit the form. If you wanted to extend that search to sopranos and baritones from the same opera, you would resubmit the same search except this time you would check both "soprano" and "baritone".

If you cannot find the character in your database, make sure you search by the opera is character is from to check if the opera has been added. If you still cannot find anything, check the complete listing of characters in the Opera Character database to make sure it isn't there. If not, then it probably has not been added yet.

Since it is not known who created the roles for all the characters in the database and not all characters sing arias, not all characters will have these fields. If you know the role creator to a role for which there is no entry in that field, please let me know!

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